8 Healthcare Related Careers Worth Pursuing in 2022

Choosing to pursue a career in the healthcare industry is incredibly rewarding and quite frankly, noble. The healthcare industry is one of, if not the most respected fields out there, since you are caring for society and giving back – helping to make a better world. But simply stating that you want to work in healthcare doesn’t narrow it down as there are tons of different paths you can take. Here’s a look at eight healthcare-related careers that could be well worth pursuing in 2022.


Registered nursing is a career that is growing across the globe with so many countries in short supply of available nurses. It is in such high demand that it is probably the career that offers the most growth in the entire healthcare industry right now.

Who is an ideal candidate for a career in registered nursing? Nurses tend to have excellent people and communication skills. They need to communicate not only with other staff but with patients and their families too. They also need to be compassionate, caring, patient, and understanding, and they need to be able to multi-task. Nurses are often under a lot of pressure, as they are caring for multiple patients at once, so you need to be able to keep your cool and stay calm.

While shift work can be part of nursing, not all nurses are required to work shifts. It will come down to where you work.

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Healthcare Administration

While not the front lines, healthcare administrators are incredibly important as well. They help to keep things running efficiently and smoothly, making sure the system can provide resources and care where needed. With that said, there are executive leadership roles, such as healthcare managers, who work in a variety of locations. These individuals not only possess knowledge of the healthcare industry but also business management skills. The executive master’s in healthcare administration at the University of Ottawa can help prepare people for this role.

It’s not every position that requires crossover knowledge in both business and healthcare but, to act in a leadership role, it will be needed. Some of the more specific jobs in this category include:

  • Nursing unit administrator
  • Hospital administrator
  • Director of nursing
  • Clinical director

There is also the fact that these senior-level health administrators exist in biotechnology firms, pharmaceutical companies and medical device/equipment companies. It’s a different route to take, but it’s perfect for those with an analytical mind and good business and leadership sense.

Occupational Therapists

Occupational therapists have also moved to the forefront as of late, providing patients with a wide array of services. These professionals are meant to help with emotional, psychological and/or developmental issues so you can see how they would be able to help a wide array of people. They take the approach of arming patients with all the information, skills, practices, and techniques needed for them to handle day-to-day tasks in life with ease. The goal is to ensure patients can live an independent lifestyle.

The more patients that learn about these important healthcare professionals, the greater the demand for them is. Watch for this trend to continue well beyond 2022, making for a great career opportunity.


Another position that has been growing in terms of need and demand are physical therapists. In this job, you will be working with clients/patients to restore their mobility. They are often experiencing pain, so you will be working with them to help relieve that pain. It’s quite common that clients have an illness, injury or have been in a recent accident and thereby require physical therapy.

What makes this position attractive to many is its versatility when it comes to your work environment. You may work in a hospital, clinic, nursing home, private office or even visit patients in their own homes. While it isn’t the highest-paid position in terms of healthcare, the salary is still quite good, and you’ve got the opportunity to make more as you gain more years of experience.

Speech and Language Therapists

If you like the idea of working with a wide array of patients in all different age groups – children through adults – then a speech and language therapist could be a great path. While you will certainly work with people who have difficulties with speech, it’s more than that. Did you know that speech and language therapists also work with those who have problems drinking and eating? It can prove to be a very interesting and fulfilling career path to take.


Not very often mentioned is the job of a podiatrist. For those unfamiliar with the discipline, these are foot specialists. These professionals will diagnose, treat, and prevent all kinds of issues related to feet. You can work in a variety of settings including clinics, private offices, and hospitals.

Diagnostic Radiographers

It’s important to also point out that diagnostic professionals are in demand. Just take a look at the diagnostic radiographers’ career outlook and it’s clear there is some very real growth happening. In this job, you’ll need to use imaging technology to not only examine people, but to then diagnose them. This can include using an ultrasound or x-ray machine. While the starting salary is rather average in this position, there is an opportunity to make a very healthy salary as you gain experience.

Nurse Anaesthetists

Want a job in nursing, but aren’t satisfied with the typical registered nurse position? If that’s the case, you may want to look into nurse anaesthetists. This is known as one of the highest paying nursing jobs you can get, and there is room for advancement.

Many Opportunities Await

So, if you are looking to get into the healthcare industry but aren’t sure what job is right for you, as you can see, many opportunities await. That means that no matter your skills, experience, or interests, there is very likely a path that is perfect for you. While there are always risks associated with starting a new career, the healthcare industry is one of the most stable out there thanks to the shortage of available employees.

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